This is a very important part that I want to explain ... that is why I chose to produce in Italy my line of socks Nina Ray. Apart from the infinite love I have for Italy thanks to the wonderful food, the city where you can feel the years of incredible history and the beautiful sea that surrounds and warms the lands of the whole peninsula ... there are some wonderful people who, thanks to their creativity and their talent have been able to come up with the Italian fashion ... among many things, there is also the art of knitting. I found out that it is precisely in Mantua where the Stocking District. Here I met two wonderful boys William and Lorenzo, who have a beautiful family business for 50 years has become a reference in the production of high quality socks for many top brands around the world. When I say MADE IN ITALY I mean that my socks are totally made of Italian territory and Italian people.

I come to Italy about one / two times a month and always step to find the boys to check the quality of my productions. The company now treats me as if I were a family and I feel extra-pampered! I work closely with their department "Research and Development" that supports me and helps me so much, he proposed innovative yarns, new dyeing techniques or new technologies applied to socks to offer to My followers always on top !!